Departments at the Rangeley IGA

Meat Department

At the Rangeley IGA we offer a wide variety of fresh hand cut steaks, chicken, pork, lamb, and seafood, including live lobsters. We grind our burger fresh at least twice daily and make our own Italian sausage. The meat manager, Chris Jensen, and his staff are always happy to help you with your special requests. Make your cookout special by stopping by the Rangeley IGA meat case.

Produce Department

Our produce department is bursting with fresh greens. Everything from juicy watermelons, avocados and apples to crisp leaf lettuce. Eugene White had been with the Rangeley IGA since 2008 and is a life long resident of Rangeley Maine. He and his staff can supply you with the freshest fruits and vegetables for your family.

Deli and Bakery Department

We bake our fresh hot breads daily and our crusty Italian bread is a perfect compliment to your pasta dinner. We offer fresh baked pies, cookies, cakes and other treats to delight your sweet tooth. Our deli makes fresh sandwiches daily and offers a large variety of cold cuts and salads for your picnic needs. Our Deli/Bakery manager, Carole Rose Savage has been an employee since 1998. She can custom decorate any occasion cake for you.

Grocery Department

Our Grocery dept. is full of bargains and specials to help your budget. We have a wide variety of beer, wine and spirits. We offer 10% off all orders of full cases of wine. Our assistant store manager, Stephen Grant, is always willing to handle any special requests.

Frozen Foods and Dairy

James White is our Frozen foods and dairy manager. He has been with the IGA since 2006. James makes sure we carry the largest selection of frozen foods. From Ben and Jerry's ice cream, frozen meals, appetizers and desserts. Our dairy section carries only the freshest milks, sour cream, butter and a wide selection of cheeses. James is happy to try to accommodate any special orders.

Closing Manager

Kelli Butler is our closing manager. Kelli has been with the IGA since 2016. Kelli is also in charge of our health and beauty department. Please see Kelli for any concerns or needs.

Front End Manager

Carina White has been with the Rangeley IGA since 2012. She is our front end supervisor. Carina is married to our produce manager. She supervises all cashiers on the front end of our store. Carina will be happy to assist you with any concern or questions.

Scan File Coordinator

Tasha Clark has been with the Rangeley IGA since 2007. She is our scan file coordinator. Tasha is responsible for ad pricing, receiving and making sure all store prices are accurate.

Our Management Team

Our store manager Leona Kennett, has been with The Rangeley IGA since 1994. She is friendly, Knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have. Employees at the Rangeley IGA consider it an honor to serve you. Comments can be sent directly to

Top - Bob Wentworth, Kelli Butler, Steve Grant, James White, Eugene White,
Carol Savage, Chris Jensen, Leona Kennett
Bottom - Tasha Clark, Carina White, Cheryl Wentworth

Our lead management team
Leona Kennett and Stephen Grant